This tool saves construction companies 600 hours of labor

Curb Roller is here to make roadside construction way easier.

The company produces products like the Hydra-Screed, a hydraulically-powered machine rolls over poured concrete to create perfect flumes. Flumes are narrow channels, typically created in flat areas, that direct water runoff in stormwater drainage systems.

The Hydra-Screed has the weight and strength to move over six feet of concrete along to make a flume, eliminating an estimated 600 hours of manual labor on projects.

“The custom drum weighed around 1000 lbs with 8-foot wings and an 8-foot wide pan, making it 24′ wide and 52″ in diameter. It was pulled along by a cable trolley on both sides and was powered by our Hydra-Screed,” the company said on YouTube. “The drum’s spinning action brought ‘cream and fat’ to the surface and pushed the aggregate down, without slumping the sides to the bottom.”

Curb Roller also uses a tool that makes curbs two times faster than traditional methods. The interchangeable drums let the machine shape curb styles super efficiently.

With the speed of these two tools, contractors have extra time to take on more jobs and earn more money. Plus, they’re cool to watch in action.

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