This plant paradise bedroom will make you green with envy


The grass is always greener at this plant enthusiast’s home.

Melissa Campbell has been collecting plants for five years and has over 250 of them in her small Vancouver Island home. She recently posted a video tour to give viewers a detailed look at her so-called “bedroom jungle.”

Campbell’s room is lush with plant life. You’d hardly notice the television set or books buried beneath the slew of hanging, draping and sitting plants that occupy most of the available space.

Her selection includes a neon pothos, a money tree, moonlight sansevierias, a ficus tree, an asparagus fern, turtle vine, philodendrons, a euphorbia, snake plant, prayer plant, bamboos, several rhipsalis and scindapsus pictus exoticas to name a few.

Campbell noted one particularly lengthy plant whose vines have spread throughout the space.

“In the corner is the ‘Big Bertha’ heartleaf philodendron that just goes crazy,” Cambell says in the video, pointing to the ceiling. “ It crawls up and over to over there. And it crawls the windowsill. So this guy is gonna take over this room.”

The self-described “plant hoarder” did have a few disclaimers. First off, the plants aren’t as cluttered as they appear.

“I know a lot of you think these plants actually touch the bed but they don’t. It’s just kind of the angle of the photos,” she said.

Campbell also later clarified on Instagram that she can breathe fine in the room with all the plants. She added that her cats don't bother the plants, she doesn't have a ton of insects and she doesn't keep a watering schedule. She just observes the plants and plays it by ear.

While maintaining dozens of plants isn’t for everyone, keeping a few house plants has scientifically-backed benefits according to EcoWatch. Plants can improve mental health by providing a sense of peace, improving air quality and reminding owners of the great outdoors. They also release positive chemicals that can boost the immune system, increase focus and mental clarity.

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