This artist uses markers to ‘paint’ celebrity portraits


Karen Goins is an artist whose illustrations are hyperrealistic, and she shares her process on Instagram to her 58,000 followers. Goins typically shares the final product in one post and a timelapse of how she arrived there in the next post.

In this clip, an illustration of Bella Hadid goes from pencil sketch to vibrant portrait. Goins took inspiration from a Fendi catwalk photo of the model. Goins managed to capture the spirit of the simple photo and all its warm tones using Copic markers, a Japanese brand of fast-drying, alcohol-based markers preferred by professional artists, to create the paint-like effect.

But it’s not just the tools, Goins studied oil painting at the College of William and Mary and the University of Hawaii. She transitioned from paints to markers in 20166 — around the same time Goins started sketching with pencils. She considered herself retired from painting and art-making for a decade until she began drawing eyewear for fun, according to BlackOptical.

“My interest became more involved and I then began exploring options,” Goins told Black Optical\. “I started using sharpies which have a distinct dry and harsh line. Later, I found Copic markers, which have a wet and fluid line. I mix the two at times to achieve what I want. Copic markers work well with my particular painterly background. I feel like a student to these markers because I’m learning the full potential in handling the medium to its best potential. It’s fun, and I’ve enjoyed how my little sketches have a world and a life through IG.”

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