Ina Garten shared her 'ultimate pantry recipe' - and it's a snacking staple

Like many celebrity chefs, Ina Garten has been sharing plenty of her favorite recipes with fans these days.

While many of her dishes require a significant mix of both fresh and shelf-stable ingredients, her latest recipe reveal is something she deemed as the "ultimate pantry recipe" — and it truly lives up to its name since it's comprised almost entirely out of pantry staples that last a really long time.

So what's this magic dish?

This week, the "Barefoot Contessa" star highlighted her recipe for hummus: the protein-packed party dip that goes with pretty much everything. Garten's recipe for creamy hummus "takes a little more time than regular hummus but it's so worth it! It's light, silky smooth and topped with chickpeas, almonds and smoky paprika."

The recipe, as shared on her website, utilizes canned chickpeas, baking powder, almonds and olive oil. It also has a healthy dose of garlic and even a touch of heat from Tabasco, making it a spicy and savory spin on a traditional favorite.

Of course, not all of the ingredients are everlasting. Tahini and lemons will definitely last longer in the fridge. Though tahini, a sesame paste made of crushed sesame seeds, can be kept at room temperature if used up in a few weeks, once opened, it's best stored in the fridge so that it does not go rancid quickly.

Though the recipe requires a draining process that is repeated multiple times to remove the chickpea skin, this creamy dip takes less than 40 minutes to whip up from scratch.

While hummus is often served with toasted pita chips, Garten suggested using corn chips or carrots and celery if toasted pitas aren't available at your local store.

This snack would go rather nicely with a giant cosmopolitan, too.