This machine easily cleans delicate greenhouse roofs

It ain’t easy being green, but cleaning that greenhouse is now easier than ever.

The Top Cleaner Poly by Van der Waay is specially designed to wash poly greenhouse roofs. The term “poly” is short for polycarbonate, a type of plastic designed to be durable and resistant. It’s 250 times stronger, and provides better light diffusion, than glass.

Despite its strength and benefits polycarbonate can scratch easily. Using a dry cloth or brush on its surface can cause even the smallest particles like dust and dirt to leave scratches. Chemicals like alcohol or ammonia can damage the material as well.

Therefore, a special cleaning process is required to preserve the material’s integrity. Dish soap or a mild solution with an unabrasive cleaning brush or cloth is the best method, according to Green House Today.

The Top Cleaner Poly makes gentle cleansing easy. The machine’s two crane arms are fitted with several triplets of small brushes that spin and gently cleanse the roof.

Its integrated spray booms can apply layers of cleansing agents or other solutions. And its brushes can even clean out the greenhouse’s gutters.

A tidy greenhouse roof is essential for a healthy plant environment for several reasons: It maximizes light transmission, improves light diffusion, optimizes growth and eliminates pests and diseases. Maintaining a hygienic greenhouse will increase its longevity and keep your plants healthy.

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