These ‘Cheat Sheets’ make one-pan cooking easier than ever


Cheat Sheets is here to alleviate some of the common hiccups that tend to come up with oven cooked meals.

Sheet pan cooking is great because in theory, you can just throw a few items in the oven and you’ve got a complete meal with little fuss. But it’s not exactly a perfect system: Not all foods cook for the same amount of time, it can difficult to separate the items on the pan and using all foil and parchment paper is costly and wasteful.

Cheat Sheets is a new line of oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers by Prepd. Each set comes with a sheet pan and large and small dividers.

Just place each item into its own tray, and when one food is cooked, you can easily remove its divider from the pan and swap out the food.

Cheat Sheets also can help with meal prep, too. A single tray can fit up to six small portions or three large portions, so the dividers can be used for portion control or to store ingredients for future meals.

The dividers are also great if cooks are making meals for people with different dietary restrictions. They prevent any cross-contamination in the oven, so your vegetarian friend can rest easy that their vegetables don’t have any trace of meat on them.

The non-stick sheets clean up easily and are dishwasher-safe. Cheat Sheets isn’t on the market yet, but over 7,200 Kickstarter backers have already pledged $622,000 to make it a reality. Not too shabby for a $10,000 goal with 27 days still left to go.

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