Support healthcare workers and combat racism through the #AllAmericans movement


For weeks, families and individuals across the U.S. have struggled to make sense of the pandemic, which has not only led to a disturbingly high number of deaths but also placed an immense strain on healthcare workers, local businesses and communities of color.

According to BuzzFeed, at least 5,400 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have contracted COVID-19 while trying to combat it (although the number is most likely significantly higher). Jobless claims over a five-week span have surpassed 26 million, despite the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a $484 billion relief package to support both hospitals and small businesses, the New York Times adds.

The virus has also disproportionately affected Black and Hispanic communities. In New York City, for instance, COVID-19 is killing the two communities at twice the rate it is killing white people, preliminary data from the New York City Health Department shows. For Asian Americans, instances of racism linked to the virus have also dramatically increased — NextShark, an Asian American publication, revealed that nearly 1,500 hate crimes have been reported (69 percent of which were against women) since the outbreak.

To address these issues, Gold House, a nonprofit that empowers Asian American businesses, along with public figures (like former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang, rapper Fat Joe and comedian Dave Chappelle), independent businesses and other nonprofits, launched The All Americans Movement — a campaign that will raise funds for medical relief, the fight against racism and the economic stimulus.

Credit: The All Americans Movement

The initiative, which launched April 27, has three opportunities that the public can take part in.

First, those interested in the effort are encouraged to post a picture that best represents who they are and use the tags #AllAmericans and #AllUs.

Second, they can buy hats, t-shirts and other clothing designed by several top fashion designers, including Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung. That merchandise can be found on once the site launches. The best part? The proceeds will all go toward COVID-19 relief.

And finally, those looking for opportunities to help empower marginalized communities during this time can go to the website and participate in activations that a number of organizations are working on, including some from Yang’s Humanity Forward.

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