Man brilliantly hacks Wendy’s deal to get a week’s supply of nuggets

There are three types of people in this world: people who love chicken nuggets, people who love chicken nuggets and vegetarians.

Twitter user Skweezyloves chicken nuggets.

When he found out that Wendy’s was offering free chicken nuggets nationwide on April 24, he hatched a plan to make the most of the deal by visiting nearly a dozen locations twice in one day.

“I knew I had to HUSTLE,” he said in a tweet. “I hit every damn Wendy’s twice within 17 miles across two states — it took five hours but now we eatin’ free for a week WHAT IT DOOOOOO.”

He shared a photo of his prize alongside the complicated route.

Even Wendy’s was impressed.

“That’s just straight-up impressive ngl [not going to lie],” the restaurant’s official account tweeted.

Some Twitter users were skeptical about the cost-effectiveness of Skweezy’s adventure.

“Your status shows a total of 63 miles driven, in and around Portland. Google says gas in your area is around $2.29 [per gallon]” one user wrote. “Assuming 20 [miles per gallon], you spent $7.21 on those nuggets. A bag of 48 frozen nuggets is around $8 in the store. Did you get more than 48 nuggets?”

Skweezy said he had gas in his tank when he started, so he doesn’t count his gas usage as a loss. Even if he did, it would have been worth it for his delicious golden prize.

He doesn’t just love chicken nuggets. He loves them enough to drive for hours across state lines to get them — and to eat them for every meal for a week. And that’s beautiful.

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