Twitter user confounds internet with home cooking disaster: ‘How did you manage that?’

A Twitter user is going viral after going to great lengths to show how badly his bread-baking attempt went.

The self-shaming chef, who goes by shamblesklutz on social media, posted a video of his failure on April 19. In the clip, he demonstrates the stiffness of his bread by striking it several times — with an axe.

“Anyone want a slice of my homemade bread…?” the Twitter user joked.

The tweet, which has since received more than 9,000 likes, drew hundreds of responses from perplexed users, who were unsure how the bread became so firm.

“What the hell,” one user commented. “How did you even manage to do that?”

“Are you sure you didn’t confuse flour for cement?” another joked.

“Hope it tastes better than it looks,” another added.

The baker didn’t explain exactly what went wrong in the recipe, but he did provide a photo of the mishap from the day before. In that tweet, he calls the pre-axed food a “total disaster.”

Some Twitter users suggested that the axe in shambleslutz’s video wasn’t very sharp. Even so, at least one user believed the bread was so hard that it wouldn’t be a bad way to sharpen the tool anyway.

“You’d have got away with it if you hadn’t told us it was supposed to be bread. ‘This is me sharpening my axe on a paving stone’ would have brought lots of likes,” the user wrote.

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