Woman faces ridicule over her baby’s unintended nickname

A Reddit user sparked an intense discussion after sharing the seemingly normal name she gave her daughter — and how it’s been shortened into an unusual nickname.

The user, who writes under the account namedmydaughterpasta, shared his conflict to Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. Unfortunately, her username is a bit of a spoiler for the rest of this story.

Namedmydaughterpasta explained that she originally planned to name her daughter Elizabeth Jane, but when she was seven months pregnant, her husband’s mother died of cancer.

Her name was Anya, and to honor her, the couple decided to name their daughter Elizabeth Anya Jane.

Namedmydaughterpasta said that after her daughter was born, she began calling the baby Liz for short.

While video chatting with her family, her sister pointed out that the baby’s name is technically “Liz Anya” — lasagna.

“My whole family chimed in and now everyone keeps calling my daughter ‘lasagna,'” namedmydaughterpasta wrote. “My sister told me that if I didn’t want people to make fun of her name, then I shouldn’t have named her what I did. They won’t stop.”

The saga inspired intense discussion, both in the forum and in response to a tweet containing a screenshot of the post.

Most commenters skewered the family for making fun of the child.

“Who thinks it’s OK for a child’s own family to bully them over their name, which, you might remember, the child didn’t give herself?” one Twitter user said.

“OP’s family is rude and has basically decided to bully an infant to teach the mother a lesson for giving her child a meaningful name,” another wrote.

Others thought namedmydaughterpasta reacted too strongly to the teasing.

“Cute baby nicknames [are] not a big deal,” one Twitter user wrote. “Don’t make a big deal of it, and she’ll be fine.”

“Get over yourself. Families make fun and laugh at/with each other all of the time,” another said. “If you hadn’t made a fuss then it would probably have blown over.”

When in doubt, there’s always a third option.

“Lean in and change your last name to Garfield,” a Reddit user joked.

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