TikTok user shares amazing glimpse of walk at Sequoia National Park

Mike Payne is a travel-obsessed TikTok user. He has explored 41 countries and seven continents thus far. But one doesn’t have to leave the U.S. to catch a glimpse of some of the largest trees on Earth.

Recently, Payne shared footage from Sequoia National Park in California, where sequoias can stand as high as a 26-story building and live up to 3,000 years.

“Figured y’all could use some more beautiful nature walks in California,” Payne wrote in the video’s caption.

The clip shows a forest trail surrounded by massive sequoias with leaves lightly dusted by snowfall. Among these sequoias is the largest tree in the world by volume — the General Sherman Tree, which stands at 275 feet.

The national park contains 629 square miles of forest, but it isn’t just home to big trees. Smaller plants like incense cedars, sugar pines, white firs, ponderosa pines and wildflowers can also be found. In fact, patrons can experience a diverse ecosystem, one that includes glacial canyons, broad lake basins, lush meadows, sheer granite peaks and the greatest vertical relief in the lower 48 states that is 1,370 to 14,505 feet in elevation.

Payne’s clip, which has since received nearly 11,000 views, provides just a small glimpse of what the park has to offer.

“You are correct I needed this walk. Thank you for taking me,” one person wrote.

“Oh this is on my bucket list! I’ll get there soon. Breathtaking,” another person said.

“Incredible, I’ll have to get out there,” another person said.

If you enjoyed this article, Google Earth is offering online tours of 31 National Parks.

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