This robotic arm can carry a wheelchair in and out of most vehicles

Many wheelchair users are capable of living independent lives, but in a world designed for able-bodied people, essential items may need modifications to make self-reliance a reality.

The AbiLoader-FX is a robotic arm that transports wheelchairs from the storage compartment of a vehicle to its front or side door. With the AbiLoader, wheelchair users are able to get in and out of a car, SUV, or off-roader with more ease.

Manually unloading a wheelchair is not always an option for everybody. The wheelchair may be too heavy or the individual may not have the upper body strength required. Even for those capable, the process can be cumbersome and exhausting. The AbiLoader can eliminate these hurdles for many wheelchair users.

In the video, you’ll see the robotic arm in action. The AbiLoader carries the standing wheelchair from the trunk of the vehicle right to the driver’s seat in a pinch.

Installing the AbiLoader is easy too. The arm is adjustable and can fit in most vehicles, and no electronics or calibration is needed. The AbiLoader consists of two industry-standard electrical actuators that sync with the vehicle’s electrical system. A third actuator is mounted in the main base to open the boot where it is not electrically controlled.

If you’re not convinced yet, the AbiLoader has glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

“It’s just over a month since I got my own personal robot now called Abe. So I thought I’d say thanks as it has made a huge difference to my independence. The Abiloader is fantastic I can now get into and out of the house, work, etc unassisted, in the rain or on windy days it is even better. I even get an audience of onlookers when I deploy outside the supermarket,” one testimonial said.

“Just to let you know that I love the Abiloader! It has opened a new door to my future freedom to enjoy getting out and visiting people and places rather than avoid it because of the hassle of lifting my chair out and in!” one person wrote.

“I am really happy with everything and my shoulders, wrists and arms feel so so much better. I find myself stopping more especially after work to do things. Whereas before I would wait for the weekend because I knew I would have to put together and break down my chair,” another reviewer said.

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