Prepare your Instagram for these steamy cotton candy bites

Crescendo Ice Cream is not your average ice cream shop.

The California-based company was founded by four friends who loved mixing unique foods together, which is really made clear by Crescendo’s colorful menu. Crescendo offers deep-fried, cornflake-coated ice cream, Hot Cheetos sprinkles and enormous, overflowing milkshakes.

But one of its most Instagram-famous dessert items is called “Heaven Breath,” which is liquid nitrogen blended with exotic tea flavors and infused into ice cream bites.

The mission behind Crescendo — and the inspiration for its name — is “harmonizing sweet tastes.” That’s why when it launched a limited-edition cotton candy-flavored Heaven Breath, it also partnered up with Crescendo Young Musicians Guild, a music education non-profit that offers music lessons to underprivileged kids.

The visuals of the cotton candy Heaven Breath are so cool. The liquid nitrogen steam rolls off the top of the cups and the bright blue color of the bites make the dish seem so refreshing and delicious. It also looks very awesome when you eat it.

On the regular Crescendo menu, the Heaven Breath bites are rainbow-colored and presented with a fake paint palette.

Crescendo has one permanent location in Texas and pop-up locations all over California.

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