Kids' letter to dad earns 2,000 responses: 'No way'

Since the start of lockdown, there have been plenty of stories about teachers adjusting to teaching online, how young adults are struggling to work from their parents’ home and even how pets are handling the adjustment.

But now there’s another, unexpected reaction to spending too much time at home — this time from kids, some of whom appear to have started unionizing.

Farhad Manjoo, an opinion columnist for the New York Times, shared his kids’ list of demands — concluded with a threat of war— on Twitter. The tweet has almost 2,000 responses.

The letter reads: “We would like to have some power in this house. Example: Control bedtime, how long our walks are, when we get to watch TV. If you do not sign we will declare war on the parents.” It concludes with plenty of room for signatures.

Twitter users noted that it looked like the kids had crossed out “when we get to watch TV,” perhaps because the walk issue was more pressing. It’s unclear whether the walks the family has been taking are too long or too short.

The note inspired other parents to share what their kids have been writing to them.

Even though Manjoo’s kids only had two demands, he confirmed that no one ended up signing the contract.

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