Irate man slams coworkers' work-from-home behavior: 'Common sense doesn't exist'


A man who was simply fed up with his coworkers’ video call behavior took to Reddit to implore all office workers to comply with proper Zoom etiquette until quarantine comes to an end.

The angry employee took to the subreddit r/LifeProTips to beg anyone working remotely to mute their mics on group conference calls to avoid annoying echoing and background noise, such a pets and other people.

“I don’t care if this has been said before. Most countries have been in a lockdown for at least a month now,” he wrote in a now-viral post. “But still people I video call with still don’t mute their mic and the larger the group the worse it gets.”

“It means that we just keep on getting cut off by your dog barking/any-noise-in-your-house and everyone has to wait a minute before we can continue,” he added. “Please mute your mic when you’re not speaking.”

Anyone working from home due to the health crisis can relate to the challenges presented by constant video conference calls — and Reddit users who have experienced these troubles took to the comments section to air their grievances.

“One of my husband’s colleagues not only does not get this, she also doesn’t get that she shouldn’t have the to TV or radio on in the background while in a video meeting,” one user said. “So everyone else is trying to have their meeting and all you can hear is all the background noise. Common sense doesn’t exist.”

“I have at least 4 calls per day between clients, sales, and production,” wrote another. “Every call is filled with dog barks, car doors opening, email notifications, secondary phones ringing, people speaking over each other and MASS confusion as to whose turn is it to speak.”

“My favorite has been someone watching a Star Wars marathon in the background,” the same user added. “There was a lull as a PowerPoint was being loaded and the distinct sound of a lightsaber being unleashed.”

One person even took the opportunity to lay out proper “Zoom etiquette” once and for all.

“Don’t talk over anyone, use ‘go ahead’ when collisions happen, mute yourself if you don’t plan on talking to prevent background noise,” they shared.

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