You can now buy the most concentrated coffee in the world


Coffee lovers get excited. There’s a new cup of joe in town and it calls itself “Ultra Coffee.”

Jot is the most concentrated coffee in the world at 20 times more than the average cup. A serving is a single tablespoon, but even hardcore caffeine lovers will need to dilute it.

Jot is smoother and richer than cold brew, espresso or anything that drips out of a coffee maker. To make an iced coffee, add one tablespoon of Jot to eight ounces of water with ice. For a latte, add one serving of Jot to eight ounces of hot milk.

The company uses an innovative “reverse gravitational extraction process” to get the most flavor out of every bean. Jot claims it’s like making an upside-down expresso in slow motion.

“Jot achieves 20x by decreasing the speed of extraction while modulating and controlling temperature and dissolved oxygen,” company cofounder Palo Hawken told Cool Hunting. “Heat and oxygen are the two biggest enemies of fresh coffee, and we have found a way to extract efficiently while managing those ‘enemies’ to the degree needed to maintain rich, nuanced clarity of flavor over many weeks of storage and use.”

In addition to making a great cup, the company is sustainable too. The coffee engineers at Jot figured out how to increase the yield of each Fair Trade bean by 30 percent. Meanwhile, 100 percent of spent grounds are composted.

Hawken told Cool Hunting that Jot’s rejection of single-use coffee pods, its longer shelf life and its small serving size make it a less wasteful product for consumers overall. Jot was fully developed with consumers and efficiency in mind — which is why Hawken and cofounder Andrew Gordon looked to current state-of-the-art industrial coffee brewing to see what could be improved.

“When those observations were turned into hypotheses that could be tested, we were so happy with the results that we stopped making coffee at home in any other way in favor of using just a tablespoon of this magic liquid,” Hawken said.

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