Home cook shares catastrophic attempt at making bread


As thousands in quarantine stress bake sourdough bread in strife, one home chef’s futile attempt has people feeling a little bit better about their own kitchen prowess.

A Reddit user took to the social platform on April 24 to share their kitchen catastrophe in the subreddit aptly titled “well that sucks.”

“Bake bread they said…” the failed cook captioned the image, which shows dough overflowing in a bowl it was left to rest in and consuming other items inside the user’s refrigerator.

“An overnight rise will taste so good they said…” they added. “Put in the fridge they said… it’s so a rewarding hobby they said…”

Unsurprisingly, bread puns were plentiful in the comments section.

“At yeast you tried,” one person wrote.

“Did you really knead to say that?” another shot back.

Others, however, took a more useful approach and offered advice to the struggling baker.

“Take the excess (the overflow), roll it into balls, flatten it a tad and fry it in oil,” one user suggested. “We call it Vetkoek (Fat cake), its bloody awesome with curried mince or spaghetti. Cold it goes really well with jam.”

“Throw it in a pot with some carrots, onions, and broth, and baby you got a stew going,” another advised.

So, what became of the excess dough that tried to swallow this poor quarantiner’s fridge?

“Buns it is,” they later updated. “They’re in the oven right now.”

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