Twitter user stirs chaos with ‘disgusting’ recipe: ‘Who came up with this idea?’


A Twitter user is sparking a wave of confusion after uncovering a “disgusting” vintage recipe.

The user, who goes by the name Liz, discovered the dish while perusing one of her grandmother’s old cookbooks. The standout discovery, which has been retweeted more than 3,000 times, was a set of instructions for something called “White Castle Pâté.”

According to the recipe, there are only three ingredients in the pâté — water, sour cream and 10 White Castle hamburgers. The dish, which is served atop crackers, essentially involves blending 10 burgers together to make a “thick hard dough.”

Liz’s finding seemed almost unbelievable to several Twitter users, who shared their confusion as to why pâté — a French dish often made from liver and other ground meats — would include nothing more than a bunch of blended-up, fast-food patties.

“Is this … a joke?” one user asked.

“Who came up with this idea? It sounds like just a faster way to gastrointestinal distress brought on by white castle,” another wrote.

It turns out Liz’s grandmother wasn’t alone, either. Another Twitter user shared their own version, which they found inside an old cookbook owned by their mom. The more “refined” version featured similar instructions, but also included white wine, garlic and olives in the blend.

And the mystery didn’t end there either. According to Fox News, a recipe for White Castle Pâté is actually featured on the fast-food chain’s own website, showing the brand is well aware of the dish.

That recipe, which includes several more sauces and add-ins but again, the same burger-blending instructions, even comes with a “finished product” photo.

White Castle
White Castle

It’s unclear if Liz or any of her followers will be making the pâté any time soon, but at least some social media users seemed interested enough to try it.

“As disgusting as it sounds, there is a good chance it is delicious,” another Twitter user commented.

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