This thread of museums' 'creepiest objects' will give you nightmares

With their doors closed for the foreseeable future, museums all around the world have been leveraging their online followings and sharing artworks and artifacts via social media.

Some museums have started to offer virtual tours. Others have created fun artwork recreation challenges. Britain’s Yorkshire Museum, though? Well, it’s keeping busy by sharing the creepiest object in their collection — and encouraging other museums to do the same.

On April 17, Yorkshire Museum challenged museum curators far and wide to a “curator battle.” The challenge? Show off the “creepiest object” your museum has to offer.

“We’re kicking things off with this 3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a #Roman lady, still with the jet pins in place…” the museum wrote. “CAN YOU BEAT IT?”

Well, several museums stepped up to the challenge.

Penshurst Place’s creepiest object was “the Drinking Bear,” part of an exhibit at their Toy Museum.

“Feed it a 2 pence piece and it’ll pretend to drink from its cup as it stares into your soul,” the manor house joked.

The Natural Sciences division of National Museums Scotland presented their creepiest object: a “mermaid.”

Bradford Museums & Galleries shared some lovely (read as: terrifying) photos of antique dolls.

As creepy as they were, they couldn’t top the doll that Cape Fear Museum has on display.

The Ukiyo-e Ōta Memorial Museum of Art shared a “terrifying” woodblocks print of a “black creepy monster … biting off woman’s HAIR.”

Norwich Castle, meanwhile, showed up with a pincushion decorated with children’s heads. “This particular item has caused a few nightmares for our followers this week,” the castle wrote.

If you’re a fan of all things creepy, check out the Twitter thread to see more museum submissions. (Scroll at your own risk!)

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