The Rumble Hog makes perfect road rumble strips

Rumble strips are the grooves of pavement designed to alert distracted or inattentive drivers who might be driving too close to the edge of a highway. They are a super cost-effective way to prevent car accidents.

The Rumble Hog, created by Hog Technologies, is a 3-in-1 truck that can grind and groove pavement effortlessly to create rumble strips. The vehicle has one-inch diamond-tipped teeth that can create the rumble markings along the side of the road at up to five miles per hour.

Interesting Engineering shared a clip of the Rumble Hog in action on Instagram, which quickly accumulated over 100,000 views. The footage demonstrates how quickly the truck works at marking the sides of the road, while simultaneously dumping debris out of the way.

The Rumble Hog has an automagic guidance system so that everything is as straight and accurate as possible, as well as an in-cab PLC control so that the driver can program precise patterns easily.

Most states in the U.S. have shoulder rumble strips and edge line rumble strips where the speed limit is above 45 miles per hour — intended to prevent run-off-road vehicle crashes.

There is also a countrywide increase in centerline rumble strips on undivided roads to prevent head-on collisions and opposite direction sideswiped. Centerline rumble strips can reduce single-vehicle run-off-road crashes by 50 percent on rural highways and 91 percent on urban two-lane roads.

The next time you experience rumble lines, you might want to thank the Rumble Hog for keeping you safe on the road!

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