Simple contraption makes planting seeds so much easier

Anyone can have a green thumb with the right equipment.

Bhoomi Agro Industries manufactures the exact type of high-quality agricultural equipment that can make farming — whether for profit or as a hobby — more efficient and less time-consuming.

One of the items Bhoomi Agro produces is called the manual round seed dibblar, which speeds up the process of planting large numbers of seeds at a time. The tool is equipped with two wheels and a set of handlebars to easily maneuver it throughout the terrain and effortlessly control how far apart and how deep the seeds are planted.

Seeds are funneled into the clear container that sits on top of the front wheel and will move through to the metal spokes that line the rim of the wheel once the operator starts moving. The spokes are spaced evenly apart and dig deep into the earth to deposit the seeds with each turn of the wheel.

Before, the way people would plant seeds was to use an individual dibber — which looks similar to a golf tee but is much bigger — to make the initial hole. After carefully measuring out the depth, then farmers would plant the seeds and manually cover the hole with soil, before measuring out the correct distance to plant the next seeds.

Bhoomi Agro’s farming equipment makes the process much quicker, and because the operator is standing up and using the seed dibblar rather than bending down and using a dibber, it’s overall better for the neck and back muscles because they’re stressed less and tense.

Farming and gardening have a ton of health benefits that can be enjoyed when using high-quality tools, like the manual round seed dibblar.

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