Artist turns herself into a live-action painting

Life really does sometimes imitate art.

Victoria Misu is a visual artist who runs a popular Instagram account featuring eye-catching photography and art. Her work is always unexpected, but a recent video titled “When the Girl Found Her Pearl Earring” shows Misu honoring a famous painting, with a twist.

Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Misu herself is dressed up like the girl in the painting and looks at an ornate mirror, making eye contact with the camera.

“She, the muse that created her own musings, graced into the light,” Misu wrote in the video caption. “I guess it was about time I took my art-comes-to-life interpretations to some famous works! Jon and I started with the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. Undoubtedly a piece that has been vastly appreciated and reinterpreted through eras of academia, fashion and film.”

Misu briefly adjusts her headscarf, puts on a single pearl earring and then moves to sit behind a gold frame.

“In this case, we explore how the Girl, now Woman, came upon her earring and her situation a few years more mature, set in the crosshairs of cultural transitions,” she said.

Misu then reaches her arm through the frame and grabs the earring off of a small table. She puts it on, then stares into the camera in a pose similar to the one the unnamed girl does in the painting.

“I wanted to take on the tone and time of the piece, with some fluidity of sensuality so subtly accenting bits of her actions. Keeping to the somber yet luminous atmosphere of the original painting,” she said.

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