TikTok influencer reinvents the mirror selfie

TikTok influencer reinvents the mirror selfie

Screenwriter, content creator and influencer Hannah Warling is a triple threat who has amassed over 191,000 TikTok followers. The Los Angeleno usually shares fashion and beauty hacks, but this time around, she posted a video where she discovered a new way to take pictures.

“Put my mirror outside for the coolest pics,” she wrote in the captions. “Honestly was not expecting that.”

Warling used a full-body mirror from Marshall’s and grabbed a pink flower to pose with in each photo to add composition. Warling advised that using objects like this would supply a natural foreground to the photo without looking like you’re trying too hard.

In a couple of the selfies, the mirror and its reflective frame created a unique effect where it looks as though Warling’s image has doubled. For the final touches, Warling used the Tezza app’s “flower” filter to add a ‘90s vintage feel.

Her TikTok scored over 533,000 views, with many users lamented their photo skills weren’t as up to snuff.

“These are gorgeous!! Mine didn’t come out so good,” one TikTok user wrote.

“OMG these photos are so good! I try to do photos like these but they fail,” another said.

“Girl, these are the most beautiful pics I have ever seen,” one person agreed.

Now other TikTok users have tried the new mirror selfie challenge and are stunned to see it really does produce near-flawless photos.

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