This conveyor belt harnesses magnetic power to move steel scraps

This magnetic conveyor belt leaves no scraps behind!

Goessling USA designs and builds scrap handling and distribution systems, and after 30 years has become a leading expert at creating customizable scrap conveyor belts.

These belts harness magnetic power to transfer steel parts, pins, nails and chips to wherever the scraps need to go. The benefit of using magnetic power is to ensure that there won’t be any jams along the conveyer belt that could hold up production.

Watch as steel is transferred throughout the facility. The continuous system of magnets securely moves bits of metal up steep ramps and across long distances on the stainless steel slide surface. The material is eventually discharged at the end of the conveyor.

Goessling uses hinged belt segments made of cold-rolled, high strength steel. The belt surface is a flat design to prevent materials from getting stuck during transfer. Side-wings on the conveyor prevent scrap from penetrating under the belt. Hardened flanged rollers and hardened steel rollers are used to make Goessling’s systems extremely durable.

The moving parts of the equipment are lubricated for life and are sealed within the frame. The fully enclosed frame makes the magnetic conveyor ideal for oil immersion, emulsion baths and washing machine applications.

Interesting Engineering shared the clip of a Goessling magnetic conveyor belt on Facebook where it received over 470,000 views.

Viewers chimed in with their thoughts on the equipment.

“Interesting that this approach has been around for quite some years. While working in a Foundry back in the late 90’s we had magnetic belts and cranes,” a Facebook user wrote.

“I think it might be because you can just power rows of electromagnets in a sequence so you have less moving parts to perform maintenance on?” another asked.

One user was more interested in how they could harness all that magnetic power for their own purposes.

“Does it work for aluminum? Asking for a not friend who plays on their phone all day,” the person joked.

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