Someone actually made every recipe on the Ritz Crackers' box

Sometimes snack companies have too high of hopes for us.

This includes Ritz Crackers, which has always had over-the-top recipes listed on the back to spice up snack time — but really, we just want our crackers with the occasional piece of cheese. Comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted out the image for a "Cheese burger RITZwich" and commented, "I gotta be honest, Ritz. I don’t see myself making one of these."

The Tweet made its way to Imgur, an image and meme driven social platform, where Rox, who goes by @roxwithasewingmachine on Imgur, found it and commented, "One day I'm going to replicate all the serving suggestions on the Ritz box. Not today, but one day."

Imgur user @pancreas responded, "no you won't," and Rox knew she needed to prove this stranger on the internet wrong. She was going to make all the recipes off the back of a Ritz Cracker box.

Credit: roxwithasewingmachine / Imgur

There were 10 Ritz-recommended recipes in total: "Family Game Night" a combination of pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and Italian seasonings; “Tailgate Party” featured a topping of guacamole, sour cream, black beans, salsa and cilantro. Others were more sweet than savory, including "Season Premiere Party" which combined peanut butter, white chocolate-coated popcorn and milk chocolate for a sweet treat.

Rox posted the final update on Imgur which included her ratings of each recipe.

“So how were they? Not bad. Some of them were kind of dry, but for the most part, they tasted how you'd expect,” she wrote.

Rox rated each of them out of five. The “Family Game Night” and “Apple-Cheddar” received the lowest scores of two. The “Book Club” — cream cheese, strawberry preserves and toasted almonds — along with the “Backyard BBQ” — coleslaw, pulled pork and jalapeno — received perfect scores of five out of five.

Rox’s Imgur post was viewed 148,000 times on the platform and commenters loved it.

“Well done. Now two people have made them. You, and the person who came up with them,” one Imgur user said.

“Your follow-through is amazing and your execution is stunning. Well done,” another wrote.

“This has been executed with military precision,” one person said.

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