Science teacher dad turns wakeboard into a soil plow

Tending soil has never been easier with one father’s homemade wakeboarding plow.

Australian dad and teacher Jacob Strickling is the founder of Make Science Fun, a project that aims to bring STEM to a wide audience with tutorials, classes and videos. Strickling applied his engineering skills to transform a wakeboard into a soil plow for his vegetable garden.

Strickling found using a pick on the soil to be too tedious and while watching his son mow the grass on a lawn tractor with ease, he realized there could be a way to make plowing more efficient.

He shared his process on Make Science Fun’s YouTube channel, where he posts videos on how to make everything from a leaf blower go-kart to a kid’s dunking chair.

To create the new mechanism, he attached the back wheels of his youngest son’s slider bike to an old wakeboard. He screwed three old picks onto the wakeboard and, holding a rope, Strickling had his oldest son tow him using the lawn tractor while he stood on the board — but no dice.

The wakeboard wouldn’t glide so easily on the soil.

Strickling went back to the drawing board and added some modifications. In the next attempt, Strickling added a front wheel to the wakeboard. Instead of only holding the rope with his hands, he fixed it to the front end of the plow.

“With these improvements, the wakeboarding plow was a surprising success,” Strickling told Newsflare. “Not only did it work and turn the soil over rapidly, it was actually really fun to ride.”

Success! In the clip, Strickling and his children safely ride the wakeboard plow over the soil of the vegetable garden. Looks like having a science teacher dad means chores are that much more fun.

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