Hold my beer, NeverSpiller cupholder protects your drinks from spilling

It’s all in the name — NeverSpiller will stop you from ever spilling again.

Made by Unnecessary Inventions, a design project by Matt Benedetto, the NeverSpiller is a beer-saving device. Benedetto is known for making products that nobody really asked for, including selfie sandals, Zoom shutters and a sourdough satchel.

NeverSpiller is an attachment for your drink that stops you from ever spilling a drop, no matter how hard you’re dancing or how crowded the bar is.

“Hold my beer, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!” the video caption says. “Strap on the beer stein attachment for your electronic gimbal and hit the club. Never spill a single drop of your precious micro-brew when you are dancing, shuffle through a crowd, or simply getting adventurous. It’s five o’clock somewhere. Cheers!”

A beer glass is securely fastened into the NeverSpiller, which looks like a cup holder connected to a handgrip. In the video, Benedetto demonstrates how when he moves the arm of the NeverSpiller back and forth, the beer stays put.

The clip of the NeverSpiller has over 340,000 views on Facebook, and while it was never intended to solve a problem, many people thought it was a great idea.

“Where can I get this?” one person commented.

Another person tagged their friend in the post and added, “You should carry around this thing so you don’t spill your drink!!”

“About time someone invented this,” a different user said.

Benedetto uses 3D printing, sewing, mold making and other techniques to create his inventions. Each piece is photographed and filmed to look like it’s part of a real marketing campaign, but unfortunately, Benedetto doesn’t actually sell any of them.

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