Domino’s divides customers with unusual pizza topping: 'Bird poop on a bread'

Domino’s Japan is now giving boba lovers the chance to try their favorite beverage addition as a pizza topping.

On April 20, the restaurant chain announced that it would be offering a special tapioca pizza in Japan as a limited time offer.

“Black tapioca pearls, baked to a juicy chewiness, on top of a thick layer of mozzarella cheese makes for one hearty pizza!” the company wrote on its website.

The tapioca pizza comes with black tapioca pearls as well as double cheese and maple syrup. It’s available while supplies last.

Naturally, people have some mixed opinions about this unusual pairing.

A few adventurous eaters said they’d be willing to give the boba pizza a chance.

“Wtf?! Boba on pizza? Best of both worlds. But maybe not together? I’d at least try it,” one person said.

Most people, however, argued that boba does not belong on pizza.

“Everyone who thinks pineapple on pizza is the worst, I present you something even [worse],” one Twitter user said.

“Whelp, looks [like] someone thought of recreating the effect of bird poop on a bread,” another person added. “Big nope for me.”

Domino’s Japan isn’t the first to give boba pizza a try. In October 2019, Domino’s launched a similar dessert pizza in Taiwan for a limited time. (For what it’s worth, people actually really enjoyed the Taiwanese version of the boba pizza.)

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