Company wants every home to be functional for everyone

Not all homes are created with every lifestyle in mind.

Most living spaces are designed with the assumption that homeowners can do things like walk up a flight of stairs, reach dishes in the sink or grab an item from a high cabinet. Ultimately, people with disabilities are often forgotten in home design altogether.

Ropox is one of the world’s leaders in creating assistive devices and equipment for people with disabilities. Its mission is to ensure that people with disabilities can independently lead dignified lives.

This means having functional homes where they can cook, work and use the bathroom as efficiently as anyone else. The company’s “kitchen concept model” redesigned the room to be wheelchair accessible and senior-friendly.

Watch a woman in the clip above demonstrates the seamless functionality of the upgraded kitchen. Notably, the cooking area is spacious enough for the woman, who’s a wheelchair user, to move with ease from one section of the room to another.

First, she pushes a button and the entire sink counter lowers to suit her height requirements. Next, she pushes a different button on the side of the sink. It triggers the wall cabinet to lower itself, so the woman can pull out a few wine glasses before lowering a different cabinet to grab a bowl.

Ropox’s adjustable cabinets take everyone into account. The woman is able to set an entire dining table without any assistance from another person. Ropox’s tables also have adjustable height settings so that wheelchair users have enough legroom to sit comfortably.

Every Ropox feature can be implemented electronically or manually. Each design is discreet, stylish and modern because no one should have to sacrifice taste for functionality. Most importantly, Ropox’s designs ensure users have increased self-reliance.

See how Ropox’s “kitchen concept model” can be integrated into any home in the video above!

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