BMX cyclist does ‘cliffhanger’ trick in his living room


French BMX flatlander Mathhias Dandois posted a trick video from his living room on Instagram. Dandois shared the video on April 3 — the 21st day of his quarantine — from his home in New York City which has a strict shelter-in-place order. The professional athlete has been self-isolating with model girlfriend, Constance Jablonski, and their mini beagle mix, Ariana.

“Lockdown day 21. Constance Jablonski is turning into Mozart, I still can’t turn left and Ariana is still not impressed. Stay safe everyone. Stay Home!” Dandois captioned his video.

In the clip, Jablonski sits near the wall playing Walter Rinaldi’s “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor,” on a keyboard. Ariana patiently views from across the room on the velvety blue couch. Dandois peddles in on his bike. On the center carpet, he begins doing a trick called the cliffhanger.

Dandois stands on the front wheel of the bike, with the seat nestled between his legs. At first, he spins slowly on the tire. As he whips his arm in the air he spins more rapidly until, finally, he drops the second wheel onto the ground and bikes out of frame.

The camera pans to Ariana looking quietly unfazed by the entire moment as the classical music fades away. Dandois’ video received 41,000 views on Instagram and earned rave reviews.

“Props for getting to this level. Appreciate you,” one Instagram user commented.

“Damn… I ain’t never seen a flatlander live like this!” another user wrote.

“Such an impressive co-lab between both your talents! I hope you guys are staying healthy and safe,” another person wrote.

Watch Dandois’ perfect living room cliffhanger in the clip above.

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