Artist hand-paints amazing ’90s cartoons on accessories


This artist will have ‘90s kids rejoicing.

Mexican artist Clau Kv is a self-taught painter who takes inspiration from old school cartoons like “Rugrats,” “Pokemon” and “Invader Zim.” Kv creates custom phone cases, watchbands, sneakers and other accessories and hand paints every design directly onto the items.

In a clip Kv posted on Instagram, she pulls the curtain back on her process and films herself making a “Rugrats”-themed phone case. First, Kv draws the outlines of each character — Chuckie, Susie, Kimi, Reptar, Angelica, Cynthia and Tommy — and carefully colors in the sketches with paint.

Once the coloring is done, Kv goes back over to retrace the outlines with black paint so they’re more defined, and seals the illustrations with a clear coating.

Other handpainted items in Kv’s shop include a pair of Nike Air Force Ones with ‘90s cartoons, a “Rick & Morty” fanny pack and a “Spongebob SquarePants” Apple watchband.

Kv is based in Mexico but ships her products worldwide — but it’s worth the wait. Kv’s customers rave about the quality of her merchandise on her Facebook page and Instagram.

“More than excellent. Each job is extremely cared for and to the taste of the client,” one review said.

“I fell in love with the caps I bought, excellent work,” another said.

“More than happy with the results! Without a doubt, my husband will be the happiest when he has his gift! It seems that these artists read our minds! Well, they put exactly what I wanted! Highly recommended,” a different satisfied customer said.

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