Watch this machine frost an entire cake in seconds

Dessert lovers may not be able to handle this mesmerizingly sweet video.

Unifiller gives epicureans an inside look at its Cake Enrober in action with a mouth-watering video. The commercial machinery enrobes — or efficiently coats — cakes, cookies and pastries in delectable glazes, icings and frostings.

The Unifiller Cake Enrober can do 1,000 cakes per hour, which comes as no surprise as expediency is part of the company’s ethos. Since its founding 30 years ago, Unifiller has become a global leading supplier of streamlined production solutions for bakeries and food plants.

Watch as a large, white cake is carried down a conveyor belt. The machine dumps a waterfall of chocolate icing onto the treat. It’s completely coated within seconds.

Next up, smaller pastries travel down the same conveyor belt but this time instead of a full chocolate coating, these treats get vanilla drizzles.

Finally, try not to drool as plain cookies are drenched with chocolate and vanilla in large batches. It’s much more efficient than individually icing the cookies and everything looks even and consistent.

The company has earned a glowing reputation, with testimonials from famous and amateur bakers alike.

“My guys love Unifiller’s equipment so much! It takes us half the time to prep cakes now. We’re a busy bakery, we need equipment we can rely on. I love the simplicity of Unifiller’s equipment. It’s easy to use, fast and easy to clean,” Buddy Valastro of TLC’s Cake Boss said.

“I rate Unifiller 5 out of 5 stars,” one reviewer said.

“I bought a Unifiller machine roughly 10 years ago. I like that their machines are very easy to use, capable of complex products and most importantly, it’s reliable;e. When my business grew, I picked up a larger machine and it’s the same story. The experience with Unifiller has been tremendous,” another testimonial commented.

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