This $10 at-home massage set is a ‘must’ for your skincare routine


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For skincare aficionados, experimenting with new products and tools can be super exciting — especially when they don’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

If you’ve always wanted to try cupping but have been hesitant in taking the plunge, there is one option that could be a total game-changer for you and your beauty routine.

With over 6,500 loves at Sephora, the Sephora Collection Face and Body Massage Set is deemed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite and can help tighten and tone skin. While many cupping sets can break the bank, this 3-piece set only costs $10, making it totally worth your buck.

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The set includes three silicone cups at different sizes, each designed to fit different parts of your body. The extra small and small sizes are for more targeted areas like around your eyes, jawline, forehead and cheeks, while the medium size cup can be applied to your buttocks, neck and legs.

So what exactly is cupping and how does it work? Dr. Cynthia Cobb explained on Healthline, “The suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup. This saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes new blood vessel formation.” She further explained that this has been known to “stimulate cells responsible for collagen production, strengthen skin and connective tissues,” and “increase oxygen-rich blood.” This is why it’s believed to decrease puffiness and brighten skin.

If you’re completely new to this beauty tool, it may take some time to use it properly or become comfortable with it. According to its product description, you start by squeezing air from the cup and pinching it closed. You then suction the cup to your skin and create a vacuum. Next, glide the cup around your area of choice and change the cup’s position after each stroke. It’s also crucial to not leave the cup on too long because it could cause skin discoloration.

One five-star reviewer wrote, “Skincare must have. [These] are good. There is a learning curve to it but now that i used it like 4 times i know how to move them.”

While everybody’s skin is different, not all results will be immediate or guaranteed. However, it could be a great way to try something new. And if it doesn’t work out for you, its price tag isn’t too much of a costly one.

Another shopper explained, “Honestly, just using these to release tension in my jaw and shoulders. They work pretty well. Suction could be better on the smallest one.”

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