This actor turned a jockstrap into a no-sew face mask

Actor Emerson Collins recently shared an easy, no-sew face mask tutorial using a jockstrap.

While a jockstrap might be considered an unexpected item to use in place of a mask, it’s been a viral hit on Twitter, where the “Rent: Live” actor’s video has so far received over 700,000 views.

“I made a jockstrap mask tutorial because I’m ridiculous,” Collins wrote in a tweet.

Though Collins admitted that he came up with the idea just to be silly, the jockstrap actually works — it is made of layered cotton that is thick enough to prevent water from passing through.

“Take your favorite jockstrap — mine is ready for pride — and face it towards you,” Collins says in the video while holding a rainbow-colored jockstrap.

The actor then demonstrates his three-step process.

“Step one: put the waistband over your head,” he says. “Step two: take the leg bands, cross them over your head and secure them beneath your nose. Step three: take the excess waistband and pull it over your forehead, securing your jockstrap mask in place.”

The end result looks a lot like a real face mask — the jockstrap’s pouch snuggly covers Collins’ mouth and nose as if it were made expressly for this purpose. Twitter users were largely impressed with the design.

“Thank you for putting this out there — both because it made me laugh and because it’s easily the best DIY mask I’ve seen,” one user wrote.

“I came in here going to hate this but this is very helpful and I like how it’s a colorful option of mask! Well done,” another said.

“I was at first going to clown this idea but this is actually super clever,” another person commented.

In April, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the use of cloth face coverings in public settings to thwart the spread of COVID-19. The new guideline spurred various tutorials on how to create face masks from household items, including HEPA vacuum filters, T-shirts and bandanas.

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