Masaka Kids dominate Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide’ challenge

You’ve never seen the “Toosie Slide” dance quite like this.

Masaka Kids Africana is a group that sponsors young kids in Uganda through their formative years. Whether their parents have passed away or their family isn’t able to take care of them, Masaka Kids builds a supportive community for children to continue to learn and grow.

A big part of fulfilling the group’s mission is dance. The kids share videos of their playful dance routines to popular songs on social media and participate in various Instagram and TikTok dance challenges.

Most recently, the kids posted a video of Drake’s “Toosie Slide” dance challenge to their 573,000 followers on Instagram, which even caught Drake’s attention.

The popular rapper — who is no stranger to churning out hit singles that become dance challenges or viral memes, and even reportedly engineered the song to go viral on the social media platforms — shared the Masaka Kids’ version on his own Instagram story.

The video has now racked up 800,000 views.

“Drake, I know you made the song but… this is how you actually dance to it,” one Instagram user joked.

“This just made me happy, you guys are the best,” another user said.

“This page here is the most beautiful I have seen this morning. It has with no doubt put me in high spirits during this difficult time around the whole world and I pray for these kids to be richly blessed and to continue shining,” another said.

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