Artist creates kinetic animations that are oddly mesmerizing


This digital artist creates fun kinetic animations that are oh so soothing to watch.

Lucas Zanotto, a director, designer and animator who founded the children’s tech brand YATATOY, shares mesmerizing looping clips on his Instagram page with his more than 132,000 followers.

The artist’s work frequently features the same wide-mouthed, googly-eyed kinetic character as it flips and twists through different sets of obstacles.

Each video is typically set to an entrancing tune, making them all the more satisfying to watch on loop.

Zanotto, who was born in northern Italy, has received numerous accolades for his work, including an Apple design award.

Surprisingly, he didn’t introduce his now trademark eyeballs into his animations until 2019 — a move he told the outlet It’s Nice That “worked out very well.”

“It’s a bit of a fun, personal take on the 3D realistic loop trends that you see on social media,” he added.

Digital art has observed somewhat of a golden era over the past few years, with outlets like TikTok providing a new platform for creators to showcase their work.

Dawid Duda, a young digital artist with 1.5 million followers on TikTok, uses the platform to share his fun, lighthearted and minorly weird animations.

The artist’s specialty is his cartoon mashups, where he combines unexpected characters to create brand new one that are as humorous as they are unsettling.

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