Woman shares clever money-saving makeup hack for face masks

Wearing a mask at work all day hasn’t stopped health care workers from expressing themselves with makeup.

At the same time, it’s difficult to show off your flawless foundation while half of your face is covered — and even harder to make the case that it’s worth it to wear so much product that goes unseen.

TikTok user @angellynnrodz has mastered the art of keeping up appearances in personal protective equipment while saving money on expensive beauty products. She shared her brilliant hack in a short video.

In the video, Angellynnrodz says her co-worker asked why she was wasting so much makeup by wearing it under her mask.

Angellynnrodz then pulled back her face mask to reveal she was not wearing any foundation underneath it at all — only on the top half of her face.

“First of all … b**** you thought. Second of all, times is tough right now. I’m only using what I need,” she says in the video.

Her message is simple — it’s possible to look good while keeping yourself and others safe, but there’s no need to waste time and $50 foundation on a part of your face that no one will see.

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