This anti-anxiety beanbag chair has over 650 reviews


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Now that you’re finding new ways (with everyone else) to make your time at home fun, you still deserve your own space to unwind. But how is that possible with limited room? Well, believe it or not, you can totally make your own comfort zone all within four square feet.

Forget what you know about beanbag chairs they have evolved. One of the more popular updated versions is the Moon Pod. The brand calls it an anti-anxiety float chair because it’s flexible enough to support any body shape for cozying up and relaxing. Plus, it’ll make you think you’re floating by using high-density beads with the illusion of flotation therapy, which is usually done in water tanks and said to lower stress and anxiety.

Moon Pod doesn't take up too much space either — it's only four square feet and weighs 12 pounds. Not to mention, this beanbag chair, unlike most designs on the market, allows you to kick back three different ways: a chair-like position, a recliner position and a supportive sleeping position.

Shop: Moon Pod, $299 (Orig. $399)

Credit: Moon Pod

The Moon Pod's flexibility can also help to relieve neck and back pain. The comfort in this high-tech beanbag chair could be why it has over 650 reviews with only four- and five-star ratings.

"I would read on here. I would do work on here. I would definitely cuddle with my puppy on here. It feels like a cloud that’s sort of cupping you. It’s like capturing your weight and relieving you of the body weight," one testimonial claimed.

A mother who "lives on her Moon Pod" found this to be like a new and improved rocking chair. "I move it from room to room. From sitting in my toddler’s playroom reading stories, to watching TV and working remotely — it suits all my needs."

However, if you want to up your cozy experience and add some additional support, you can shop the Moon Pod alongside the brand's Crescent version.

Shop: Moon Pod Crescent, $116 (Orig. $129)

Credit: Moon Pod

You can put the Crescent anywhere (or even on your Moon Pod) to give you some added support if the chair position of your Moon Pod isn't enough. Shoppers have used it to improve their posture as well for their workspace.

"I didn't need back support, initially. But now that I've additional back support, this is way better! I could work like this. This makes me feel more alert, more active and I have better posture," a customer said in a testimonial.

One of the biggest downsides of the Moon Pod is the hefty price tag. However, the website does allow you to pay off the product in monthly installments. So if you don't have a lot of sitting space at home (or an office space period), the Moon Pod could be your stress-relieving alternative to another pricey and uncomfortable office chair.

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