5 clever sewing hacks to try on your DIY projects

Organization is key – so is cleaning, storage, gardening, and more. In this series, you’ll learn various tips and tricks to make gardening, grilling and even sewing easier. No matter the problem, there’s a Home Hack for that!

Whether you’re sewing your own face masks or trying out new DIY projects to pass the time at home, our latest episode of Home Hacks features five simple yet clever hacks to get your sewing tools and skills in tip-top shape.

Instead of having to replace buttons on shirts or cardigans, we have a hack so you don’t lose them in the first place. Or if your fabric scissors are getting dull, check out our trick below to easily sharpen them.

Gather up your extra fabric swatches and your DIY projects from your Pinterest boards and get workin’. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to the hacks you can watch in the Home Hacks episode above.

Sewing hacks to try at home:

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  1. Keep needles sharp. Replace the stuffing in a pin cushion with steel wool.

  2. Sharpen your scissors with foil. If your scissors are dull, you can cut foil as an easy way to quickly sharpen your scissors.

  3. Use card stock to make even hems. Use an iron (or a hair straightener) to create a crease. Instead of using a needle and thread for the hem, try using hemming tape.

  4. Use hairspray for easier threading. Hairspray the end of the thread that you’re using to make it stiffer to go through the needle.

  5. Keep buttons from falling off with clear nail polish. Simply paint clear nail polish over the button’s thread on any shirt or cardigan.

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