Mischievous dog caught stealing dinner right off the stove

As social distancing guidelines force people to spend more time at home, pet owners have begun to notice some truly bizarre behavior from their furry friends.

A sneaky dog named Josie got caught doing the unthinkable — eating a human’s dinner directly off of the stove.

Josie’s owner shared the unusual footage to the dog’s TikTok page.

Some commenters place the blame for the incident on the owner.

“If you left yummies open on the oven, and you know that your dog can reach it … you are to blame, too, buddy,” one user wrote.

“I bet the owner thinks it’s cute and funny,” another said.

Others were quick to defend the dog’s innovative behavior.

“A compliment to the cook, it was obviously delicious,” a user wrote.

“Dogs will be dogs,” another agreed.

Any way you look at it, it’s never a bad thing to have a little extra bonding time with your pets, even if their table manners aren’t the best.

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