Kobe Bryant’s 3-year-old daughter Bianka steals the show in TikTok

Bianka Bryant is the internet’s new favorite 3-year-old.

Daughter of Vanessa Bryant and the late Kobe Bryant, Bianka stole the spotlight from big sister Natalia in a now-viral video. The 17-year-old was trying to make a TikTok with her two cousins before a very adorable interruption occurred.

The group was in the middle of choreographing a dance to the song “We Rock” from Disney’s “Camp Rock” when Bianka decided she wanted to join in. She ran into frame and danced and giggled in a Muppets-themed Lakers t-shirt.

The lighthearted clip came out on the same weekend as the 19th wedding anniversary between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and just days after the WNBA made 13-year-old Gianna Bryant an honorary draft pick.

“It would have been a dream come true for her. She worked tirelessly every single day. She wanted to be one of the greatest athletes of all time just like her daddy. So thank you, thank you for honoring my little girl,” Vanessa Bryant said in a video message to the WNBA.

Despite the tough circumstances, fans of the family rejoiced at the moment of levity. Bianka’s stunt earned 7.8 million views on Instagram in a mere 17 hours.

“The way we all stopped when she slid in,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Look at those little knees!” another person said.

“This is the most adorable thing. Thank you for sharing this joy and this light. We love you all,” another said.

Watch Bianka get her groove on in the clip above!

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