Teenager goes ‘mental’ on mom over birthday present: ‘A few hateful words’

A teenager is igniting a major online argument after sharing his mom’s reaction to one of his birthday presents.

The 15-year-old, writing under the username u/BigFboi42069 shared the conflict in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, where it’s since drawn nearly 2,000 comments.

In his post, the teen writes that his mom gave away his birthday present “for free,” a decision that caused him to “go mental” and ultimately left his mother crying.

‘I looked everywhere for it’

The Redditor started his story by explaining that he loves baking, a passion that led him to ask for a stand mixer for his birthday. He ultimately got the appliance — a white model that cost around £80 ($100) — from his uncle and immediately began using it often.

Months later, the teen went to make croissants with his mixer only to find the device was missing.

“I looked everywhere for it and couldn’t find it,” he wrote. “I asked my mom where it was and she said she gave it away to charity. I WENT MENTAL.”

The 15-year-old wrote that he then confronted his mom with “a few hateful words.” His mother said that the mixer didn’t match the color scheme in the house and, as part of her kitchen, was hers to do what she wanted with.

‘Now I feel guilty’

The Redditor then wrote that his mom bought a new, more expensive mixer a few weeks later — this time in a more fitting color. But the teen once again berated his mom when he found out he was apparently not allowed to use the device himself.

“I went on another spree of saying mean words to her and she teared up, my 3 siblings say I over reacted and now I feel guilty,” the teenager wrote.

Reddit users chimed in with a wide array of comments, however several seemed to agree that the the teen was not in the wrong.

“I’m baffled SHE felt entitled to tear up. She had no right to give your present away,” one commenter wrote. “You have every right to be mad and she owes you a 80£ mixer in your preferred color and a HUGE apology.”

“That’s just straight up theft. You should tell your uncle what she did,” another suggested.

Others were slightly more sympathetic, theorizing that there were maybe other issues at play that the teen wasn’t aware of.

“I want INFO on your mom’s relationship with the uncle,” one user wrote. “Is it her brother? Is there some kind of jealous resentment going on? Her giving it away is an a****** move, but I’m wondering if it was directed at the uncle despite being most impactful to [you].”

“Perhaps your mom has outdated gender role ideas and thought if she disposed of it you would outgrow your love for baking,” another wrote.

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