Town's residents shout one word at the same time every day to beat boredom

Residents of the town of Belper, England, have thrown themselves into an unusual daily ritual to beat boredom in quarantine.

Every day for the past three weeks at 6:30 p.m., locals have opened their windows and do their best impression of a cow.

Some simply yell "moo," while others have creatively used other tools to mimic the animal's sound, such as didgeridoos and bagpipes.

Resident and enthusiastic moo-er Jasper Ward told BBC 5 Live he expected the project to last for a few days and end with him being "ridiculed on social media."

"We're three weeks in, and at 6:30, there's a chorus of moos," he said. "The crazy people of this town have taken to it like cows to grass."

Ward told the station he thinks quarantine has brought the town's residents together.

"I seem to have unearthed a madness that has only been complemented by this lockdown," he said.

Belper residents shared videos of their moo-sical sounds on Twitter.

Some were advanced.

Some were loud.

And others were delightfully earnest.

It might be a silly ritual, but anything that brings people together while still maintaining a safe social distance is nothing to laugh about.

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