Bizarre saga of missing beans tears relationship apart: 'How society collapsed'


Beans are good for your heart, but can they mend a broken one?

A Redditor shared a story about getting into a fight with his girlfriend over a stockpile of canned beans on the website's r/relationships forum.

The original post was deleted, but a screenshot of the saga went viral on Twitter.

The Reddit user, who writes under the name u/ThrowRA_BeanDrama, said he and his girlfriend couldn't agree on whether to keep the beans buried in the woods or save them "if things get bad."

ThrowRA_BeanDrama said he bought 30 cans of beans and 15 cans of chickpeas in preparation for lockdown. One night he opened his cabinet to prepare for dinner and found his stockpile was gone.

“I asked my girlfriend and she told me she buried all of the beans in the woods," he wrote.

After realizing she wasn't joking, ThrowRA_BeanDrama accused his girlfriend of being "ridiculous." She responded that she was "protecting our beans" from looters.

When he demanded to know where the beans were buried, she said she wouldn't say because she was afraid he'd dig them up.

"I said damn right I would," ThrowRA_BeanDrama wrote. "She said 'I will never jeopardize the beans.'"

According to an update shared to Reddit's Today I F***** Up (r/tifu) forum, the argument escalated to the point that the relationship ended and the girlfriend moved out.

"My heart is shattered and my finances are jeopardized because of a bean hoard," ThrowRA_BeanDrama wrote.

The dramatic saga left Twitter users deeply amused.

"No strong relationship can ever be formed if you hide beans from each other," Twitter user PigsHaveFlown wrote.

"She sounds like a hero, honestly," AnxiousPenman said. " You’ll thank her when society falls apart and you have a sweet forest bean stash. Stop jeopardizing them beans, bruh."

One user summarized the entire saga in a single tweet.

"I'm going to start printing out these posts and laminating them so that future generations can understand how society collapsed," HDimagination wrote.

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