This space-saving staircase was designed with four discreet compartments

Space-saving is trendy right now. Whether it’s the tiny house craze, minimalist movement or a need for less clutter, people want to maximize their home functionality. MarketWatch has even forecasted that the global market for space-saving furniture is expected to grow between 2020-2028.

The furniture designers at Mobel have arrived just in time for the compact craze. The company specializes in storage-saving home renovations.

In the clip above, you’ll see how the company converted the empty space under a staircase into a fully functional storage center. One section opens up into a closet, which can be used as discreet storage for coats and shoes.

The same staircase contains three more compartments. One that pulls out into a large shelf, another that slides out into a medium-sized shelf and, finally, a smaller shelf with dual-sided storage. Mobel creates these hidden compartments with customizable facades in different materials like wood, mirrors or glass.

Mobel’s designs may look particularly handy for those that already own medium or large homes. However, the company notes that these hidden compartments can be customized to any height and width. That may be a relief to those living in smaller houses or apartments.

With rising real estate prices, more people are expected to live with less space, especially those in urban areas. MarketWatch says such consumers are increasingly interested in “the adoption of smart furniture that helps them to save their room space and also provides multifunctional properties.”

A future where there’s no wasted space doesn’t sound too bad. Check out Mobel’s space-saving staircase closet in the clip above.

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