This device plays music created by your house plants

PlantWave is a new device that allows you to listen to music created by plants. The makers of PlantWave, which was designed to recreate the sensation of being surrounded by nature, figured out how to translate plants’ biorhythms into music. The technology was first developed in 2012 for the “Data Garden Quartet” exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The MIDI Sprout, designed for professional musical equipment, came next. And now, the PlantWave is the next incarnation of the project made for casual music listeners. PlantWave’s more democratic approach allows users to connect wirelessly with an iOS or Android device using an app.

Just place the two provided electrodes onto the plant’s leaves. PlantWave will detect the slight electrical variations from the leaves, graph them as waves and then translate the waves into pitch messages or music notes that the design team routed to play certain instruments. This process creates an endless stream of music made by your favorite plants.

The portable device can be used at home, in the garden, or even out on a hike thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. After a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign exceeded the company’s $80,000 goal, the company decided to create a stretch goal of $100,000.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to pledge the crowdfunding campaign to get your hands on a PlantWave. You can save $50 when you pre-order the PlantWave from the online store. Pre-orders are expected to ship in October 2020. You can also hear some plant-created tunes on the company’s YouTube channel MIDI Sprout, where people rave about how amazing PlantWave is.

“That is pretty cool. I bet that the vibrations from the music also affect the electrical output of the plant,” one user wrote in response to a video.

“What you are doing is so amazing, you give the plants a way to express themselves,” another user commented. “I love what you’re doing!”

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