These four hit songs are perfect for your at-home power yoga routine

These four songs are the perfect additions to your power yoga playlist. Power yoga is an intense, fitness-based version of vinyasa yoga, a form of the practice known for its seamless flow from one pose to the next. Music can play an important role in getting you in the right mindset for a yoga workout, according to certified yoga instructor Karen Kassover.

“If you play a very strong song, the poses become stronger. If you play a relaxing song at the end, it helps you relax. The music really helps the practice,” Kassover told Shape.

Spanish singer Rosalia’s “Di mi nombre,” is an alt-flamenco pop hit which peaked at No. 1 on Spain’s music charts. The song is medium tempo while simultaneously upbeat. This is a great combination for power yoga, which flows quicker than traditional forms with yogis transitioning from each pose in just a few breathes.

Next up, Lana Del Rey’s cover of Sublime’s 1996 song “Doin’ Time” will give your routine those airy, California vibes and what Pitchfork describes as “roiling trip-hop percussion.” While power yoga is known more for its strength training than its meditative properties, Lana Del Rey’s breathy coos will remind you to inhale and exhale every once in a while.

Let Tame Impala’s “One More Year” up the intensity. The psychedelic funk song and opening track of the artist’s fourth record “The Slow Rush” will up the ante with its thumping drums. But fear not, singer Kevin Parker’s gentle voice won’t overpower your ears or distract you from the energizing workout.

Finally, slow things down with Chet Faker’s 2014 single “Talk is Cheap.” The soulful, alternative R&B song will help transition into a cool down while providing a melodic close out to your power yoga routine.

With most gyms closed, a great power yoga workout with the perfect playlist might be a worthy venture.

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