Swimmers can wear this life-saving compact flotation device like a necklace

Ploota is a compact flotation device with automatic sensors that can detect potentially life-threatening situations while in the water. Unlike life-jackets, which are worn to float and wade in the water, the Ploota is placed around the neck unactivated and can be worn comfortably while swimming. When it is manually or automatically triggered, two floating cushions are released, pulling the swimmer up to the surface.

The automated sensors work by detecting an imminent drowning or if the wearer is submerged underwater for more than 30 seconds. The Ploota is a combination between a car’s airbags and the arm floaties children wear at the beach or pool. Founder Rainer Fakesch came up with the idea for the innovative safety device after experiencing a personal tragedy while vacationing at the beach.

“A family member of mine underestimated the current and almost drowned,” Fakesch told the Daily Mail.

The creator began working on the design in 2015. Ploota launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 before it was unexpectedly cut short to continue developing more features, although the company is being very hush-hush about what those might be. However, reviewers who have tested the product have been leaving glowing testimonials. One person described an incident at a beach in San Lucia.

“I’m a good swimmer but I was caught by rip currents and pulled out into the open sea. My stepfather jumped into the waves to save us not aware of the danger and was trapped to. I thought we’ll never make it back to the shore,” the reviewer wrote. “Totally exhausted and after minutes of pure fear we finally made it. When I saw PLOOTA the first time I thought: This is it. Finally something that really helps you when you’re out there on your own. Cool piece of engineering and so lightweight! You don’t even notice it when you swim!”

Take a look at how easy the Ploota is to use in the clip above.

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