Serena Williams rocks Roger Federer’s ‘tennis at home’ challenge


Serena Williams just rocked Roger Federer’s at-home tennis challenge. The 20-time Grand Slam Champion asked athletes and celebrities like Williams, Lebron James, Bill Gates and Justin Timberlake to do the at-home solo drill.

“Here’s a helpful solo drill. Let’s see what you got! Reply back with a video and I’ll provide some tips,” Federer wrote in the Instagram post’s caption, adding the hashtag #tennisathome.

In Federer’s video, he closely holds his tennis racquet to the wall while rapidly bouncing the ball back and forth. The pro-athlete, of course, never lets it drop.

Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, decided to toss her hat in the ring by submitting her own video.

“When Roger challenged all of us, I knew I couldn’t let anyone down. I had to do this. I am on day three or four or five,” Williams says.

Unlike Federer, Williams is standing a bit further away from the wall while she does the drill. The pro rhythmically bounces the tennis ball back and forth, from wall to racquet, without letting it drop. Williams jokes that she has done the drill about a billion times.

“It’s just been a long time. I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty but I won’t give up,” she says. “The only reason I’m doing it this well, is because I’m using the racquet Roger gave me.”

Williams said she received the “amazing” racquet as a gift from Federer at a tournament a few years ago. The video received 1.4 million views on Instagram with users excited to try the challenge themselves.

“I have to show this to my daughter because she’s going crazy without having her tennis practice! I wish that I had a court for her to practice on,” one parent wrote.

“That’s something I’m gonna try with the kids… slow and steady,” another user commented.

“I am trying the same practice at home,” another said.

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