Olympic medalist plays ‘lava game’ in elaborate homemade obstacle course

Sébastien Toutant is a decorated Canadian snowboarder who holds a 2018 Winter Olympics gold medal in men’s big air snowboarding. While self-isolating amid a global health crisis, the athlete has shared numerous videos of his homemade obstacle courses.

On March 26, Toutant shared a clip of his version of a popular childhood game on Instagram.

“Floor is Lava! Stay home and get creative,” Toutant wrote in the caption.

In the video, Toutant does his best to avoid touching the floor with his feet as if it were “lava.” He begins by riding a skateboard in his living room, then he jumps onto a Nike shoebox. From there, he hops onto the back of a black couch and jumps onto a foam roller that spins under his feet.

Toutant then hops off the foam roller, juggles three balls while still balancing on the edge of the couch and jumps onto a gallon of water. He then springs himself onto another foam roller sitting on a large wooden dining table. After moving to the edge of the table with the roller under his feet, he leaps onto three bar stools.

Next, the athlete jumps onto another foam roller on a kitchen island, moving the roller across it before jumping onto a chair and tossing a mini basketball into a hoop without looking. To finish things off, he leaps back onto one of the sofa’s arms and does a backflip. The Olympian then drinks a Red Bull and walks out of the camera’s frame.

Toutant’s Instagram video has since been viewed over 275,000 times and received feedback from some famous athletes.

“What, with the b-ball shoot, Jesus,” said Billy Morgan, a British big air snowboarder who also competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“How many tries?” decorated Canadian professional snowboarder Mark McMorris asked. “You were made for quarantine.”

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